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  We are pleased to announce that our name has changed to Kentucky Equine Adoption Center! We're still the same farm, with the same mission of adopting out every horse we take in, only now our name better conveys our values of Help, Heal & Home for horses of all breeds.

For financial purposes, and to maintain our 501(c)3 status, our formal name is The Kentucky Equine Humane Center, Inc.  dba Kentucky Equine Adoption Center.





Thank you for your continued support!
In 2018, we adopted out 59 horses. This year, we want to beat that number.
Number Of Horses Adopted Out This Year!

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 This week on "Tails" from The Center",  

On our Facebook page, there was discussion on a post about what treats to give your horse and what not to feed them. Treats have been on our mind, too, while we are having a lot of fun gearing up for Horse Country tours this year!

On March 9, we will be offering tours of the Center FREE to the public as part of Meet the Neighbors.  Registration is required, but the tour is free.  After that on most Fridays and Saturdays at 1:30pm throughout the summer and fall, our guests will see how we get a horse read for adoption through training and rehabilitation, meet some of our most interesting horses, and then proceed to the Equine Kitchen where they will prepare delectable treats for our horses.  Our guests will become our “Equine Chefs” and be able to visit the horses afterwards and feed their treats to them.

To prepare for the tours, our staff did a test run a couple of weeks ago and we were surprised at what our horses liked and disliked!  We used a broad selection of food items:  apples, carrots, peppermints, alfalfa cubes, and a smattering of toppings or food that these items could be dipped into such as Cheerios, grain, molasses and peanut butter.

Findings:  Our horses loved Cheerios!  Who knew?  They did not seem to like the alfalfa cubes because they were dry, and would only eat them if they were dipped in something sweet like molasses.

We also noticed that we had a tendency to make our treats too big.  We think of horses as big animals with big mouths, but the more bite size, the better!

We encourage creativity, and are always open to ideas for new food items to use in making our treats!  Please email us at with your ideas!

To register for Horse Country tours, please visit This Link .  We look forward to seeing you this year!


DON'T FORGET--Our Director or other staff members will answer questions sent in by you, which can be submitted via the contact form at the bottom of the home page or on the Contact Us page. 

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Feel free to ask about our staff, our horses, our facility and/or our mission!

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You can find more more information on this event and our other upcoming events on our Events Page!