A Happy Landing for Tammy and Jose

On Halloween night, October 31, 2019, we received some pretty graphic pictures of a mare that had been shot in eastern Kentucky. The horse was wandering and her owner, if she had one, was never found.  She was bleeding from both sides of her rump. From the pictures, it was hard to see how devastating her injuries really were.  Thanks to some good Samaritans, Tammy, as she would come to be called, made it to Park Equine in Lexington.  During her exam, the veterinarian found more than just some buckshot....

Tammy was pregnant! And on Thanksgiving Day, she delivered a beautiful little colt we named Jose. The day before our trainer Abby had lost her 30-year old gelding named Jose and it seemed a fitting tribute to name the new colt after Abby's beloved horse.

Tammy and Jose are thriving here at KyEAC.  They are not currently up for adoption. Tammy has not been evaluated from a training standpoint.  Right now, she is busy being a momma!



California Chrome, the Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center - A Sweet Connection

In 2014, a young man invited his girl to the Kentucky Derby.  She had always wanted to go and he wanted to impress her. They dressed to the nines and had a lovely day cheering California Chrome on to victory.


Fast forward five years.  The young man is now in the military stationed in Korea. He comes home for leave and he and his now-wife and young family come to Kentucky on vacation. They dream of the day he can retire and they can live together as a family with their two little daughters. Kentucky seems like a good place to them to settle down.  One November Saturday, through Horse Country tours, they tour the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center in Nicholasville. It’s a beautiful autumn afternoon.


Unbeknownst to them, California Chrome’s filly out of Colerful Bride has come to live and be trained at the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center. In a lovely twist of fate, their Derby picture is followed up by a picture of their babies with California Chrome’s baby.





Hi Miss Kelli!

When our family came and toured the adoption center in November, you specifically asked me to send you some photos and I assured you I would, and here I am—FINALLY. I apologize it took me so long to get to it, we were very immersed in our little bit of time together in Kentucky to have our family complete before my husband went back to Korea, and since we have been back in Texas I just had it on the back burner!

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy these. I can’t say enough what an amazing time we had there. We ended up going on 4 different tours and while some of the farms were so impressive, none of them made us feel like family quite like y’all did. Not to mention, none of them saw our daughter’s first steps like you did, either, so I think you are family now! Thank you for an unforgettable experience.

Retirement is pretty far out for us at this point, BUT as of right now Lexington is at the top of the list of places we might retire to. So we really hope that there comes a day you’ll be seeing us again!



Vixen, a 2008 Red Chocolate Rocky Mt Cross mare is being fostered by Boys and Girls Haven in Louisville.  She is being used in their equine therapy department and thriving.  Read below:


Hello Karen,
I hope all is well! I know we have not chatted for a while. Wanted to share that Vixen is doing a great job with our youth in the vocational training program and in equine assisted therapy sessions. The youth love her. She is a very smart horse. We have been taking her for walks around campus and she has been visiting youth and staff to brighten their day
Thank you,
Sarah J.
Boys and Girls Haven

Thank you for your continued support!
In 2018, we adopted out 59 horses. This year, we want to beat that number.
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 This week on "Tails" from The Center",

Training 101 with KyEAC trainer, Olivia Dixon.
All of our horses go through ground work before we start to ride  them.  Groundwork gives us an opportunity to see how responsive the horse is, how he/she relates to us and their surroundings, and is the foundation of all training.  Good groundwork teaches horses how to respect rules, and helps us  establish a trusting relationship with the horse.


Horse Country Tours!

Kentucky Equine Adoption Center is pleased to offer tours through the horse country. On most Fridays and Saturdays at 1:30pm throughout the summer and fall, our guests will see how we get a horse read for adoption through training and rehabilitation, meet some of our most interesting horses, and then proceed to the Equine Kitchen where they will prepare delectable treats for our horses.  Our guests will become our “Equine Chefs” and be able to visit the horses afterwards and feed their treats to them.

To prepare for the tours, our staff did a test run a couple of weeks ago and we were surprised at what our horses liked and disliked!  We used a broad selection of food items:  apples, carrots, peppermints, alfalfa cubes, and a smattering of toppings or food that these items could be dipped into such as Cheerios, grain, molasses and peanut butter.

Findings:  Our horses loved Cheerios!  Who knew?  They did not seem to like the alfalfa cubes because they were dry, and would only eat them if they were dipped in something sweet like molasses.

We also noticed that we had a tendency to make our treats too big.  We think of horses as big animals with big mouths, but the more bite size, the better!

We encourage creativity, and are always open to ideas for new food items to use in making our treats!  Please email us at info@kyeac.org with your ideas!

To register for Horse Country tours, please visit This Link .  We look forward to seeing you this year!

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