Everest was transferred to KyEAC from another organization several years ago and just hasnt been able to find an adopter after all his time here.  He is a friendly gelding who enjoys attention and generally stays mid-pack without any drama in the herd heirarchy.  He has been a kind friend to an aged, somewhat vision impaired gelding in his large pasture and we are grateful for the friendship he has provided the other horse.  Everest may have been a jumper or eventer in his earlier days and still seems to think he has important exciting tasks to tend to under saddle, though his current age and condition calls for a more relaxed lifestyle.  Everest has a bony growth on the side of his lower jaw that has not seemed to bother or hinder him in any way during his stay here, though many prospective adopters have admitted that this feature was a great factor in their decision to take another horse instead of unique Everest.