Heads up, Hearts Open Growth and Communication Program is an equine related growth, communication and awareness program.

The program is a series of clinics and workshops, encompassing many paths toward the same thing: self-awareness, growth, better communication skills, and empathy.

The program will entail  equine based clinics and workshops, both for the non-equestrian and equestrian audience.


Operation Horses and Heroes

Our first clinic under our new Heads up, Hearts Open program was that of the wonderful Operation Horses and Heroes.

Operation Horses and Heroes is a dynamic program as a powerful alternative for military personnel, veterans and family members going through their journey of self discovery utilizing the Power of the Horse.

This clinic is what exemplifies what horses bring to us and the importance of human/animal contact. This clinic is an equine assisted therapy program for veterans and active duty military and their families.  We were pleased to be their host site this past October and excited that we could offer our horses to them. Although it decided to be cold and rainy that weekend, we made the most of it and we had a blast!! We are thankful for all who volunteered, who either cooked or catered breakfast, lunch, and dinner for this awesome group as well.

We are going to continue our partnership with Operation Horses and Heroes this year and hopefully in years to come. We are planning another clinic sometime in April or May and can't wait to work with these wonderful people again. Please check back for updates!!