This page is dedicated to a horse that has touched so many peoples' lives and continues to do so with her charismatic, sassy personality! Disclaimer: Some photos and videos are graphic. We apologize for that, but to get the full extent of how bad of condition she was in, it is necessary. 

The timeline will start with when she first arrived at Park Equine Hospital until present day:

January 16th, 2018
Klaire Update: Very Excited to share with Everyone that yesterday Klaire was able to stand to have her feet trimmed by our blacksmith Thad Gouge of TG Forge for the first time since she arrived at the Center. Previously her feet were being trimmed while she was laying down because she could not lift/hold her foot up longer than a brief moment. While she is getting stronger reality did set in. When her left front hoof was being trimmed a large abscess was discovered and her hoof will need to be wrapped for quite some time as her sole grows out. If you would like to contribute to the supplies we will need to keep her hoof wrapped and protected while it heals we will need Vetrap(any color), 4 inch elasticon, duct tape, magna paste and strong iodine. Thank you from Klaire and her staff.

September 14th, 2018

Klaire arrived at Park Equine Hospital. She came in a severe state of emaciation and malnutrition. She was unable to stand on her own and needed assistance. The techs and vets at Park had their hands full with this one.  Considering her state, she was in good spirits, maybe knowing that we were there to help her and that she was happy to be somewhere warm and dry and comfortable. 

Sept14 1
Sept14 2
Sept14 3

September 16th, 2018

Klaire is currently needing 2-3 people to help her up. They have to remind her to get up, so they are having to put her in a sling and hoist her up and let her "stand" for 30-45 minutes at a time several times a day.

Sept16 2
Sept16 3

September 17th, 2018

Klaire continues to eat and drink well. She is still in good spirits, she gets excited when the techs come in with the sling, she recognizes the noise. She is still needing reminding, and still has no forward movement. 

Sept17 2
Sept17 3
Sept17 1

September 19-29th, 2018

Big milestone! Klaire was able to sit sternally!! She still needs help getting up but is now standing for longer periods of time. She now, even though very unsteadily toodles around her stall. She enjoys watching the other horses come in and out. Although we knew it was a matter of time due to her long periods of time being on the ground and her very protruding points, she has developed bed sores. The vets and techs are paying close attention to them and are treating accordingly.

Sept19 1
Sept21 3
Sept19 2
Sept24 1
Sept29 1
Sept21 2
Sept24 2

October 1st, 2018

Klaire has had a very busy day today! She has gotten up twice on her own and is staying up for longer periods of time before laying down to take a nap. We found out she absolutely LOVES apples! She also went out for the first time today and thoroughly enjoyed the fresh green grass! She had a special visitor, Diane St. Onge, a Kentucky State Representative has been following Klaire's story on our facebook page and made a trip to Versailles to visit her!

Oct1 Diane2
Oct1 Diane1
Oct1 1
Oct5 Sara 2
Oct5 Sara 1
Oct5 Sara 4

October 5th, 2018

Klaire loves her visitors! Today she got another new visitor from one of our former interns Sara. Sara has also taking a fond liking to Klaire. Sara is the owner of Lady Luck Equine Therapy and is graciously going to donate some laser treatment sessions to Klaire. Klaire is getting to go outside twice a day (supervised of course), she loves the fresh grass!