We are pleased to announce that our name has changed to Kentucky Equine Adoption Center! We're still the same farm, with the same mission of adopting out every horse we take in, only now our name better conveys our values of Help, Heal & Home for horses of all breeds.

For financial purposes, and to maintain our 501(c)3 status, our formal name is The Kentucky Equine Humane Center, Inc.  dba Kentucky Equine Adoption Center.


Tahiti Update 4/11/2018

Tahiti has done great!  He is turned out with other geldings and is making friends.  His weight is back up to normal, and his prolapsed penis is close to being resolved.  He has a good mind, and is very open to training as you can see. Tahiti was vetted extensively and we were told he is 5 years old. 

Tahiti update 2
tahiti update 5
Tahiti update 3
Tahiti olivia up


 "Tails from the Center" VLOG Series Archives

Feb 28th- https://youtu.be/sMfmBnhdcAw -- Introduction to "Tails from the Center"

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"Mandy and Esprit go to their new home!"