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The Take the Reins Project presented by Alltech is an education initiative pairing local schools with the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center to supplement core curriculum in areas of math, science, writing, art, and public speaking. The horses enhance learning outcomes such as responsibility, care, and the importance of giving back. Each school participating in the Take the Reins Project “fosters” a horse from the Center for one school year with the understanding (and hope) that the horse could be adopted while being "fostered". The fostered horse serves as the cornerstone for the school’s curriculum and engagement with the Center. 


2018-2019 School Year

For this 2018-19 school year we have added another school! We have partnered with Red Oak Elementary right here in Jessamine County. 

We are still continuing to partner with our other schools in Fayette county: Ashland  Elementary, Lansdowne Elementary and Christ The King. We are pleased that they have continued to work with us for the 2nd year in a row, and hopefully many more to come.

Presenters from the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center and Alltech visited the classrooms, focusing on anatomy, and the structure and function of the horse. The students have also come out the Center twice to learn about nutrition, and to observe the vet float our horses' teeth. They have also been able to learn about the importance of proper dental care, and how impactful it is on training. They also get to visit their "sponsored" horse for the year.

We are looking forward to the spring semester starting in February. The schools will be learning basic horse care, budget and farrier care. Field trips will allow them to see horses feet being trimmed, and they will also be able to see our trainers in action.



2018 Summer Camps with Lansdowne and Jessamine County

We partnered with Jessamine County and Lansdowne summer camps this summer. Here are some pictures from our visits with them and their visits with us!





The KyEHC partnered with Ashland Elementary, Christ the King Elementary, and Lansdowne Elementary schools, focusing on fourth graders. Lansdowne's fostered horse was Lobo, Ashland chose Smokey, and Christ the King chose Kya to follow throughout the school year. Each school had a couple of field trips to the Center to meet the horse they were fostering, learned how a horse chewed and digested food, and observed its feet getting trimmed. They also visited the equine feed research barn at Alltech. Presentations in the schools focused on nutrition, anatomy, history of the horse, and how man's relationship with the horse has evolved throughout the years. 

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Christ The King School visits with  "their" horse Kya and our vet Dr. Marty Riney

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Dr. Marty Riney visits Lansdowne Elem.

Smokey and Ashland
take the reins ashland

Ashland meets "their" horse, Smokey and farrier James Guthrie gives a demo on what a farrier does.

2017 Summer Camp

Lansdowne Elementary School provided their refugee students with a

summer camp experience using Take the Reins Project presented by

Alltech. Among the horses they met was Millie, who suffered a

traumatic experience before coming to the Center, and she taught the

kids how to stay positive to look for a better life.

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Julius Marks Elementary School fourth grade students met Patrick's

Bullseye, the horse that they supported through this program!

At Alltech, the students learned about nutrition and weighed a horse and hay, doing math to determine how

many pounds of hay a horse eating 2% of its body weight should consume.

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