Virginia Madelung came to the Kentucky Equine Humane Center in December 2011 with over 30 yrs of practical experience in the equine industry. She has a B.S. in Equestrian Studies, and eight years as a Vet Tech at two prominent equine hospitals in Central Kentucky. Virginia’s experience includes foaling mares, sale prepping, working at the racetrack, and transporting horses overseas to Australia. Virginia has owned a couple of horses over the years. Her last horse was a Saddlebred stallion she met when he was 26 years old. She cared for him for 2 years and then adopted him when he was 28 years old. Blackie lived to the age of 31, and was a wonderful friend. Virginia enjoys using one of her hobbies – photography – to benefit the horses here at the Center. It is her way of “giving back to the horses that have given me so much over the years.” Look for her photos throughout our site!